Where Love and Chaos Collide


Adventure Club is an electrifying, ever-evolving dynamic duo that has emerged as a major music festival headliner over the last several years. From the moment we met Christian and Leighton, we knew they had heaps of talent and exuberance, but we also understood that, together, we could shock the world.
Our mission was to transform the universe that is Adventure Club. By resurrecting their individual identities and forcing them to collide in an ever-scalable world, we were able to seamlessly unify their in-person and online experiences. We produced an engaging short film to document their journey and allow their followers to completely immerse themselves in the Adventure Club domain.
“Miré and Sensored were absolutely amazing to work with. They didn’t just do our ‘creative work,’ they became ingrained in our brand–who we are. We’ve become close friends.”
Christian Srigley, ½ of Adventure Club


We worked closely with Sensored to rebuild Adventure Club’s lair, revamping their logo and establishing a comprehensive brand guideline full of all-original imagery, typography, visuals, colors, and assembled assets. By utilizing alpha-channel exports, we infused their brand and stage presence into next-gen Spotify canvases and other promotional tools.


New version of a body

1.models.a. Characters

When creating the characters, I used a body type that is more typical for marvel, and the faces – for anime, I think they fit together well.

Tour Visuals

With a new album in the works and an increasingly vigorous fanbase, we wanted to vivify the Adventure Club show experience and reconstruct it into a captivating phenomenon. We harnessed the newly innovated brand story and conceptualized an elaborate world in which the animated characters live. In order to facilitate the audience’s escape from reality, we reimagined the tour visuals and developed unique scenes of loop exports that each evoked distinct ideas, storylines, memories, or emotions.
Scene 01 – “Pre-Fight”
Scene 02 – “Fight World”

Scene 03 – “Esoteric Void”

Studio Lighting, Minimalistic
Collision of “Love and Chaos”
Transcending Animation

Show Experience

Now let’s bring the live audience into our newly fathomed cosmos. Collaborating with Christian and Leighton’s vision, we fortified the connection between artist and supporter. We synthesized the crave-worthy branding and tour visuals into one cohesive show experience using cutting-edge animation, video production, and stage design. Our project leads accompanied Adventure Club every step of the way to ensure an immaculate tour with flawless VJ + LD scripts.

Film Documentary

It almost doesn’t count if you didn’t catch it on camera. To share the essence of Adventure Club’s creative overhaul and simultaneously promote the new album, we produced a short documentary. We attended several shows and conducted compelling interviews to capture high-quality cinematic footage, unmasking our beloved characters with enthralling authenticity.

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