Who we are

As concisely as possible: we are a creative agency designed to showcase your brand story.
A little bit less concisely: we are a tight-knit band of idea architects, filmmakers, directors, designers, writers, and animators with a flair for the avant-garde. We’re chasing bass-drop body chills with the instruments we’ve got. At our basic core, we’re content creators and consultants. But we’ve never been much for anything basic, because we know the sparkle lies just beyond that.

  • Videography
  • Content Creation
  • Branding
  • Web Design
  • Production
  • Stage Visuals
  • Styling
  • Casting
  • Event Curation
  • Social Media Management
  • PR/Press

what we love

what we love

How We Move

How We Move

Since Miré’s inception, we’ve operated based on a set of core values that ensures we remain self-aware,
honest, driven, productive, and dependable.

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